UCSC's presentation at Total Food 2014 conference in Norwich, UK

DSC00377On the last 11th-13th November 2014, Giorgia Spigno (UCSC) has given an oral presentation at the Total Food 2014 conference (Science and Technology for the economic and sustainable exploitation of agri-food chain wastes and co-products, in Norwich, UK. The presentation was on "Orange peels antioxidants and wheat straw cellulose for food packaging applications under the SusFoFlex project". This was a joint contribution with other partners (Andaltec, IK4-Cidetec, Cemitec). The speech gave an overview of the project and, in particular of the activities carried out under WP3, with a focus on the research related to the recovery of orange extracts and wheat straw cellulose for application into the project PLA material.

Abstract of the work and copy of the given presentation can be downloaded.

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