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The SusFoFlex project (Smart and sustainable food packaging utilizing flexible printed intelligence and materials technologies) will develop sustainable and intelligent packaging aiming at improving the shelf life of food, monitoring the quality of packaged food, and communicating the information to the user. The project will produce PLA films improved in terms of barriers and smart functions by using natural additives, filler and nanomaterials (natural antioxidant extracts, cellulose-based bionanocomposite, nano-silicates, edible nanolaminate coatings).

Further, the project will develop sensors that can gain information on the condition of the food product e.g. freshness. The sensors will be produced using low-cost printing technologies, while the label will utilize the roll-to-roll printing for higher volume. Printed components and RFID based near field communication will be used for communication. RFID will be integrated in the smart label by using a state-of-the-art hybrid roll-to-roll facility available in the consortium.

SusFoFlex is a three-year European project under the EU 7th framework (January 2012-December 2014) coordinated by Oulu University (Finland). VTT together with fourteen organizations from eight different nationalities (Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Turkey and Spain) are developing packaging technologies that will improve the shelf life of fresh food. Participation of VTT is particularly in the development of printable food quality sensors.

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