Susfoflex Partners ik4-Cidetec and Andaltec meet at ik4-Cidetec facilities on 26th February to interchange knowledge concerning plastic materials definition.

CIDETEC-ANDALTEC 1Ik4-Cidetec hosted the visit of two researchers from Andaltec (Francisco Navas and Gabriel Morales) on 26th February to their facilities at Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain).
Elena Jubete and Sarah Montes from ik4-Cidetec showed to the visitors their laboratories involved in Susfoflex project which includes materials, sensors and printing.
Andaltec provided samples of bioplastic sheets to ik4-Cidetec in order to perform some assays to test their printability as well as the measurement of other relevant properties.
During the meeting, partners interchanged information about ongoing tasks related to WP3 Packaging Materials Development. 

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