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Reunión-Susfoflex resizedExperts from eight European countries have participated in the kick off meeting of the international R&D project called “SusFoFlex”. The meeting was located in the Plastic Technological Centre (Andaltec) in Martos (Jaén, Spain). This project is aimed to the development of sustainable and intelligent packaging which could improve the shelf life of food and protect them from microorganisms, such as pathogen strains of E.coli.

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This initiative lead by Oulu University (Finland) counts with the participation of fifteen organizations from eight different nationalities. The project is founded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), which is the main R&D instrument of the European Community. During the meeting the work to be done was distributed between partners, including R&D organizations and enterprises. The project aims to develop the food packaging of the future. Moreover, the European researchers visited the new facilities of Andaltec’s new location, which consist on a complex of laboratories, research areas and enterprise incubator. 

SusFoFlex project is focused on research about intelligent packaging using novel impression techniques and nanotechnology. “The main goal is to bring to the market an innovative and attractive technology which permit to the industrial collaborators to create new products with excellent commercialization possibilities”, said Jose María Navarro, General Manager of Andaltec. In this way, novel and sustainable plastic packaging for food applications will be develop which will protect the food from microorganism and will increase their self life. These packaging will incorporate new sensors which using a color code will show if the food is in perfect conditions or if has already started to loose their properties. “It is a new system more efficient and reliable than the traditional printed expiration date to know if the food is actually in perfect conditions to be consumed” said Navarro. On the other hand, this new concept of sensor packaging could be connected to the warehouse of the store to know if there is more stored products or if it is running low.

Andaltec is the leader of the demonstration and small scale production workpackage. Moreover Andaltec is in charge of the degradation studies of the packaging. Finally, due to the nomination as Exploitation Manager of one of their employees the center will be also involved in the exploitation of the expected project results.

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